We’ve been receiving condolence messages lately from some lovely-sounding people around the world, but I have to let you all know that you have the wrong Ben!  The Ben of bencomics.com is a ten-year-old from North Carolina and he, thankfully, is doing absolutely well, and has had no accidents or tragic events of any kind, thank goodness.

My heart goes out to the Ben who seems to be doing not so well at the moment, and to all his family and loved ones.  I hope you are all able to find the correct boy and send him your kind thoughts, and I’ll add my own, here, for his speedy recovery!


This is for those of you who watched Ben’s Minecraft Birthday Party video and are looking to download the invitation or thank you note.

Here is the invitation (right click and “view image” to get it in full size):

Minecraft Party Invitation


And here is the thank you note:


Hope that helps!

Ben’s Minecraft cake made by Sugarland Bakery in Chapel Hill, NC.

Pest control needs your help!  A rat infestation has begun and it’s your job to help.  Find 10 rats.

Also, find Jet and Archer Dude.  (View image to make it bigger.)